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CAE and ONERA Signed a new Framework Agreement for Cooperation on Aeronautics Research during 2017 Paris Air Show

On June 20th, 2017, the signing ceremony for the new Framework Agreement for Aeronautics Research Cooperation between the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) and the French Aerospace Research Establishment (ONERA) is held at the AVIC Chalet during the 52th Paris Airshow. CAE President Dr. Zhang Xinguo, ONERA CEO Mr. Bruno Sainjon and other relevant leaders and experts of both sides attended the signing ceremony along with domestic and foreign mainstream media.

CAE, founded in 1960, is committed to improving the advanced aeronautical science and technology under the principle of Exploration, Innovation, Opening and Sharing. Authorized by the Chinese government, CAE is the coordinator for aeronautical international scientific and technological cooperation under the government frameworks and has a strong partnership with the domestic and international aerospace academic and research organizations. 

ONERA, founded in 1946, is the French aerospace and defense research center focusing on application research. With 1500 top scientists, technicians and engineers as well as leading edge facilities, ONERA is famous for its world class research abilities and has cooperation partners in over 30 countries worldwide.

In 1985, CAE and ONERA signed the bilateral strategic cooperation agreement under the China-France Government Cooperation Framework. Since then, many fruitful results have been achieved through cooperation in many aspects such as aerodynamic, wind tunnel test, structure strength, advanced material and propulsion. In order to resolve the challenges of future green aviation and seek new cooperation opportunities under the government framework, both sides agree to sign this framework agreement which defines the aim, management approach and operational procedures for the collaboration projects to boost efficiency and promote the bilateral cooperation between CAE and ONERA.