Scientific Development
Analysis of Crossflow Instability in Swept-Wing Flow

WANG Zhefu , WANG Liang ,FU Song
School of aerospace engineering, Tsinghua University
Haidian District, Beijing 10084, China



Here we performed numerical simulation of the primary crossflow instability over an infinite 45° swept NLF-0415 airfoil. Based on a high-fidelity laminar flow-field, computations of both linear stability equations and non-linear parabolic stability equations (NPSE) have been carried out. Linear stability analysis shows that the stationary modes with high spanwise wave number keep on growing downstream the critical point. The disturbance amplitude at inlet is found very important in NPSE calculation. Additionally, we conduct numerical simulations of the actively controlled swept Hiemenz flow, where the body force is imposed at the bottom of the crossflow vortices in spanswise direction.

Keywords:Swept wing,Flow instability, Crossflow